Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device "ears" and "eyes" are powerful enough to hear from one end of a football field to the other!

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device Orbitor Electronic Listening Device can capture distant sounds (and voices) that would otherwise not be heard with the help of our sophisticated Orbitor Electronic Listening Device. Imagine standing in the end zone of a football field and being able to hear what someone is saying at the other end!

Bird watchers and nature lovers will be thrilled at the sound quality of this ingenious listening device. Hear bird calls and animal sounds clearly, and let your ears open up to the real music of the field or forest.

Eavesdrop on what your boss is saying in the parking lot--or find out what's really going on with your kids and their friends. Get a tip at the racetrack, hear what the police are telling someone at a takedown, listen to what two suspicious-looking men are planning down at the corner.

To enhance your use of the Orbiter Electronic Listening Device, we've added a playback system that records up to 12 seconds on the digital chip--so you not only hear from afar, you have an electronic record of it. The viewfinder has a 10x prism optical system to view your subject even closer, so if you're checking out a person, you're able to read their lips as well. A pair of comfortable, padded full-size headphones is included.

You can also hook it up to an external audio recorder to record audio as long as you need!

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device
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