Electric Scissors

Electric Scissors - As Seen on TV
Battery Powered Scissors

Electric Scissors cut through almost anything. Great for a variety of uses! The Electric Scissors can help. They're lightweight, fit comfortably in your right or left hand, and power through the thickest task with ease...every time!! Simply press down on the handle and two sharp, stainless steel blades automatically cut at a rapid speed.....gently let up and they stop on their own. The Electric Scissors cut through almost anything from stacks of coupons, to tough denim, and even hard leather without getting stuck in the cut. You can even cut a curved pattern with precision and speed!! And don't forget gift wrapping, scrap booking or cutting through sheets of school pictures. These nifty singer scissors can be used indoors or outdoors for just about anything you can imagine. Electric Scissors make a great gift! Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included.Fast, Easy, Pain Free Way to Cut!
Cuts through almost anything from stacks of coupons to tough denim! Perfect for cutting carpet, crafts and patterns, and wrapping paper.

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Electric Scissors
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