Hitaway Baseball

Hitaway Baseball - Batting Training Aid Practice

No More T's or Chasing Balls with the Hitaway Baseball

Hitaway Baseball is the perfect product for teaching kids how to bat. If you need to improve your batting skills, but hate putting coins into the batting cages, and hate chasing balls after you hit them off the T, then this is the answer for you. Enjoy true batting improvement when you use the Hitaway Baseball. Great to practice for that upcoming baseball league!

Hitaway Baseball

Hitaway Baseball Great for adults and kids. The Hitaway Baseball is easy to set up and use. Just attach it to a tree or a pole, adjust the height, and hit away! The ball will wind around the pole. When it unwinds, it's ready to be hit again. Continue this without interruption. This repetitive process builds stamina, muscle memory, and form. You'll become a much stronger batter, with increased hand-eye coordination. It can also help teach you how to switch hit.

Highly recommended by top MLB batting instructors, the Hitaway Baseball works as your own personal Baseball batting instructor by helping you to improve your hand eye coordination and teaching you how to switch hit.

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Hitaway Baseball
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Hitaway Pole
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