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Flowbee Professional Haircuts... at a Fraction of the Cost

Flowbee FAQ

How short will the Flowbee cut my hair?

The minimum length the cutting head is designed to cut is 1/2"inch.

What is the longest hairstyle that the Flowbee is recommended for?

The limiting factor here is the power of the vacuum motor. For the average user this allows the Flowbee to be used on hairstyles up to 6"in length.

Will the Flowbee work with any vacuum?

The Flowbee works with 90% of those vacuums with a hose attachment capability. The power output needs to be 3 hp. or 8 amps. The more power your home vacuum has the more efficiently your Flowbee will operate. Also great for Central vacuums.

Can my children use the Flowbee?

Yes, with adult supervision.

How long will my Flowbee last?

The Flowbee is designed to give hundreds of precision cuts if properly cared for.

Can the blades on the Flowbee be sharpened?

No, the precision design of the cutting head does not allow for this.

Is the Pet Groomer still being marketed by Flowbee?

No, However the Flowbee may be used on pets with a Pet attachment. Your pet should be shampooed and all mats brushed out before you Flowbee your pet. Please note when cutting your pets coat down to 1/2" inch it is essential to use the pet attachment. This will keep the pets skin in place. Do Not try to cut more than 1/2" inch of hair off at a time.

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