Flowbee Hair Cut System

Flowbee Hair Cut System

Flowbee Precision Haircutting System lets you get professional hairstyling results in the convenience of your own home. In fact the Flowbee system is so simple and precise, can give yourself a perfect cut......even with your eyes closed! Flowbee Hair Cut System

Same Technique as Hairstylists...
In the same fashion that hairdressers pull the hair up between their fingertips to give a layered scissors cut, the Flowbee uses the suction power of your household vacuum to draw the hair up to the desired length, and then gives it a perfect cut.....every time.

Perfect Styles Everytime...
Most popular hairstyles from 1/2" to 6" long can be cut with Flowbee. The Flowbee spacers make it IMPOSSIBLE to cut the hair shorter than the length for which they are set. For that perfect tapered cut around the ears and neck, specially designed spacers are also supplied. Flowbee Hair Cut System

  • Never Look Like You Need A Haircut

  • Never Look Like You Just Had A Haircut!

  • Easy setup

  • No cleanup

  • Professional results

  • Pays for itself

  • Perfect haircuts!

Flowbee has also introduced an efficiency never before known in the haircutting industry. A precision layered cut can be achieved in 5-10 minutes, with no clean up necessary when you are finished. As for cost savings, there is no comparison to the Flowbee. For most families, the Flowbee will pay for itself in just a few months...and it is guaranteed to last for years!

You Get the Complete System: Includes cutting unit, AC adapter, spacer kit, universal vacuum adapter and blade lubricant.

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