Driveway Patrol Security Alarm System - Know When Someone Enters Your Driveway
Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Driveway Patrol Security Alarm System is an infrared sensor that alerts you when someone crosses its path. When placedDriveway Patrol Security Alarm System across the driveway or on your porch, a pleasant chime will sound alerting you that someone has come onto your property. Driveway Patrols amazing wireless technology provides easy mobility. Simply place the sensor by the front door, garage, mailbox, or anywhere else near your home and the unit will send a signal to its receiver (up to 400 feet away)! With Driveway Patrols motion sensor activation, you will always know when someone is coming up to your house before they ring the doorbell!

Driveway Patrol Security Alarm System is weather resistant, installs easily with only a screwdriver, and only needs one 9 V and 3 "C" batteries, not included.

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Driveway Patrol Security Alarm System
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