Digi-Draw Digi Draw - As Seen on TV!

Digi Draw makes it possible to trace any picture, photograph or illustration to make fantastic works of art. You can even make animated cartoons! With Digi Draw, you don't have to be an artist to draw like one!

With DiGi-Draw you can customize your favorite things. Trace almost anything on T-shirts, sneakers, book covers, back packs and more!

Make Animated Cartoons

Digi-Draw kit includes four cartoon scenes and four cartoon flip-books. Let your imagination run wild by placing one of the four cartoon scenes on the reflective panel. Each scene contains 18 different images.

Ready-Made Backgrounds

Digi Draw includes four ready-made backgrounds. You can enhance your drawings by tracing them on the backgrounds, making your very own scenes.

Making Greeting Cards

You can easily make greeting cards using either the holiday sheets included in your Digi Draw or your very own images.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

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Digi Draw Digi-Draw
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