Chia Pet Herb Garden Planter

Chia Pet Herb Garden Planters are perfect for any age. Collecting and growing Chia pottery planters has become an American tradition. Everybody loves Chia pets! Kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy "watching them grow!" Chia pets are easy to grow, making them the perfect first plant-growing experience for kids. Makes a great gift! Collect them all! Shrek Chia, Bugs Bunny Chia, Tweety Chia, Garfield Chia, Homer Simpson Chia, Scooby Doo Chia, Bart Simpson Chia, Elmer Fudd Chia, Daffy Duck Chia, Chia Herb Garden, Shaggy Chia Pet, and Chia Cat Grass Planter.

Your Chia Pet package includes:

Handmade decorative planter
Chia seed packet for 3 plantings
Convenient plastic drip tray
Panting and care instruction sheet


Shrek Chia Pet Garfield Chia Pet
Shrek Chia Pet Bugs Bunny Chia Pet Garfield Chia Pet
Homer Simpson Chia Pet Scooby Doo Chia Pet Shaggy Chia Pet
Bart Simpson Chia Pet Chia Herb Garden Tweety Chia
Elmer Fudd Chia Pet Daffy Duck Chia Pet Chia Cat Grass Planter

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