Chia Cat Grass Planter
Its easy to do and fun to grow

Chia Cat Grass

Grow a healthy pesticide-free snack for your favorite feline. Chia Cat Grass Planter provides your cat with a sweet oat and wheatgrass mix thats easy to grow and your cat is sure to love.

Chia Cat Grass Benefits

· Provides essential vitamins and folic acids
· Aides in digestion by increasing roughage
· Assists in removing hairballs
· Keeps cats away from hazardous houseplants
· Organic and pesticide free
· Satisfies their natural cravings for grass
· Helps freshen breath

Full Coat in 1-2 Weeks
Net Weight: 18 grams (enough for 3 plantings)

1. Empty all but 2 tablespoons of Chia Growing Mix into Chia Cat Grass Planter. Lightly pat down with finger and level.
2. Sprinkle seed pack evenly over Growing Mix.
3. Loosely sprinkle remaining Growing Mix over seeds. Do not worry that all seeds are not completely covered.
4. Add 1 saucerful of water
5. Loosely cover planter with inverted plastic saucer. The saucer should not fit into the opening of the planter, but loosely covers the opening. No need to add additional water while the inverted saucer is covering the opening.
6. In about three days you will see the first sprouts emerge. Remove saucer when sprouts reach 1" or when the growth pushes saucer away.
7. The sprouts will grow quickly. It is not uncommon for catgrass to grow 1" a day in ideal conditions.
8. Add water only if Growing Mix is very dry. Add only a small amount (saucer) at a time. Do not overwater!
9. Your cat can begin to enjoy eating the catgrass at any time, but best to allow catgrass to grow about 4" high. Your catgrass planter will continue to grow for many weeks, dependent upon how much is eaten daily.
10. Bowl not suitable for food.


It's Easy to do…Fun to Grow!

Chia Cat Grass Planter
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