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Batter Pro makes breading or battering any food easy. Just add breadcrumbs, batter or spices, shake and flip. In seconds, Batter Pro coats food evenly and perfectly. No more messy bags, no more waste, no need to touch raw food! Its revolutionary new design evenly breads food on top of the tray, while extra crumbs drain to the bottom. Dishwasher safe. Includes a recipe guide and 2 FREE Bonuses - an adjustable cutting knife and an all-purpose utensil that whisks, strains and serves.

Batter ProIntroducing Chef Reece Williams' Batter Pro. The revolutionary way to batter all of your food in under 10 seconds. Prepare 30 fresh fish sticks without ever touching raw food, batter 50 shrimp all at once for a party platter or bread chicken strips for the entire family in seconds. The magic is the patented design that evenly breads and catches food on top of the sifting tray... while the extra breadcrumbs drain to the bottom. No messy bags and no waste. Whether its pork chops, chicken wings, or vegetables, coating with almonds, cornmeal or tempura... just fill, shake and flip and you'll get it done in under ten seconds.

Product Includes: Product includes Batter Pro, Amazing Adjustable Guide Knife, The Versatile Kitchen Utensil and the Recipe Guide.

Batter Pro + Bonus Gifts
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Batter Pro
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