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Atkins Answer Diet Videos - $28.95

Dr Atkins Diet Videos package teaches the famous Dr Atkins weight loss program so that anyone can understand and do the diet! Dr. Atkins talks directly to the viewer in the videos and, in an entertaining and illustrative fashion, teaches his famous weight loss techniques. The video lessons are fast, easy to understand, and powerfully effective! Now everyone can "visit" Dr. Atkins in his New York based Atkins Center and receive professional consultation to solve, once and for all, your weight and health challenges!
Atkins Answer Diet VideosVideo 1: Why It Works
Understanding the Basics of Rapid and Permanent Weight Loss

Sit in Dr. Atkins' office and learn from the world's #1 expert on weight loss and nutritional medicine, one on one with these videos. Dr. Atkins will teach you the secrets he shares with his patients to help them lose weight and keep it off forever! These techniques are more than just the basic rules of weight loss, they can also help to reverse many of the chronic problems so common today.

Atkins Answer Diet VideosDr Atkins Diet Video 2: How It Works
The Simple Keys for Switching Your Body's Metabolism to Burn Fat Now!

This diet weight loss video will teach you how to lose weight by helping your body burn fat for fuel. Once you have grasped this technique, you will have a weight loss tool to keep you slim and healthy... Forever!

Atkins Answer Diet VideosInstruction Book: Basic Dr Atkins Diet Manual

Dr Atkins Basic Diet Manual reviews and corrects food choices to insure prompt weight loss. It lists a generous sampling of model breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks; as well as a carbohydrate counter which details common foods and their carbohydrate content.

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Dr Atkins Diet Videos
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